Sermon Text: John 21


  1. Restless
  2. Speechless
  3. Pursued
  4. Revealed

Reflection Questions:

  1. What lie about yourself are you most tempted to believe? Do you have people in your life who know this about you and remind you of who you truly are in Christ?
  2. What are the specific ways you try to hide and protect yourself from being truly known by God and others? Do you hide behind your humor, your business, your tiredness, your success, your seriousness, your shyness, or something else?
  3. Has shame changed you? Has it numbed you to your own feelings or to the realities of the world? What is a recent story or memory that would illustrate how shame does this to you in particular?
  4. Do you believe that Jesus loves you? Do you believe that he has embraced you and adopted you into his people simply because he chose you? Will you believe that this is the truest and most important thing about you?
  5. What are some ways that you might be able to participate in the kinds of ordinary,
    day-to-day, ministry that we see Jesus modeling here?