Sunday Worship

April 30, 2023


“Cultivating Confidence”

Judges 7:9-18

Rev. Tyler Dirks



Sermon Outline:

  1. Moving Toward The Fear
  2. Listen For What God Says
  3. Worship & Walk In His Way

Reflection Questions:

  1. If you were counseling a fearful person, how would you go about building their confidence?
  2. When was a time you moved toward your fears?
  3. Who has God put in your life to simply be with you as you face your fears?
  4. Read Luke 16:27-31. When it comes to building up people’s confidence in the power and personal care of God, what do you think would be more effective: (a) supernatural visitations of resurrected members of the community? or (b) reading the Bible?
  5. When was a time God used something small (or silly) to significantly boost your confidence?
  6. When was a time you were sincerely and thoroughly geared up and giddy about doing something GOD’s WAY?