Sunday Worship

March 12th, 2023


“Good Infection”

Judges 4:1-16

Rev. Tyler Dirks



Sermon Outline:

  1. External Pressure
  2. Entrenched Passivity
  3. Edification & Passion

Reflection Questions

  1. What’s something that you’re so passionate about you would continue to do it even if everyone else stopped?
  2. Read Luke 14:16-24. What is your FIRST LOVE? (see Revelation 2:4 and Matthew 22:37).
  3. Why does God tell us the names of Deborah and Jael’s husbands?
  4. Why does God so often station His prophets, judges, and kings in the wilderness (e.g. John the Baptist, Deborah, Elijah, David, etc.)? Why not station them in bustling malls, and markets, and Hollywood, and court rooms, and theme parks, and thronging cities?
  5. What sort of daunting, costly, endeavor is God inviting you to participate in these days?