Sunday Worship

January 10th, 2021


“Having A Relationship With God”

Luke 22:35-46

Rev. Tyler Dirks

Recorded Worship Service Audio – (45m:11s)

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2021-01-10 Worship Guide

Children’s Sermon Notes – Luke

Sermon Outline:

    1. Really Relying on God
    2. Wrestle With God

Reflection Questions:

    1. How has the fact that God is out of your league caused you to keep your distance and reduce your interactions with God to a formula or checklist?
    2. How does fear of feeling out of control cause you to over-indulge and rely on money and guns?
    3. How does fear of failure make you hesitant to take initiative and responsibility?
    4. How have you confused fear of failing God with the fear of God?
    5. When was a time you actually embraced the Word of God as alive, active, and deeply/ personally piercing?
    6. How do you think about prayer? Take a moment to personally adopt the honest/raw language of Psalm 38. How would you describe your comfort level when thoroughly participating in the command to pray the Words of this Psalm?
    7. How is God currently disciplining you to endure (Heb. 12:7), and compelling you to say, “Thy will be done”?