Sermon Text: Revelation 1:1-20


  1. The Main Character (vv.1-3)
  2. He Cares (vv.4-11)
  3. He’s All-Consuming (vv.12-20)

Reflection Questions:

  1. Are there certain compartments of your life where you simply find Jesus to be unhelpful and/or irrelevant? Why is it do you think, that Jesus seems peripheral and unprofitable in those areas of your life? What would be different if you acknowledged & submitted to Christ’s Lordship in those spheres?
  2. How meaningful is it to you that God has employed the unparalleled resources of the Kingdom of Heaven to rescue & redeem you – specifically, freeing you from your sins by shedding His own blood? Why do you think you have such a ho-hum response to this unbelievably good news?
  3. What kind of comfort are you seeking? (e.g. More money? Popularity/social status? Control over day-to-day circumstances? Etc.?). Are you ignoring the overwhelming comfort that is available to you in the knowledge that Jesus is the living one; He died, and yet He rose from the dead and is alive forever, and He possesses the keys of Death and Hades? Are you overlooking this staggering reality – and instead pursuing some flimsy, tepid version of “comfort”?