Sunday Worship

November 8st, 2020


“How Real Is The Resurrection?”

Luke 20:27-40

Rev. Tyler Dirks


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2020-11-8 Worship Guide

Children’s Sermon Notes – Luke

Sermon Outline:

    1. Now
    2. Forever

Reflection Questions:

    1. Considering some of the choices people make – actually believing in resurrection life [e.g. Heb.11] – what are you specifically uneasy about considering what you might choose to do if you actually believed in resurrection power?
    2. You are regularly unsettled by what gets reported in the news, and what’s said on social media (because you believe it’s really real). When was a time you were deeply unsettled by something that God showed you in Scripture?
    3. When was a time you superficially appealed to Scripture simply to endorse your preference?
    4. When was a time you experienced the Bible to be an active and living book …a story that actually impacted your real life and forced you into a realm that felt reckless and risky?
    5. How does the fact that God really really WANTS you to be fully alive, and fully WITH HIM forever – impact the way you react to the nonsense and unpleasantness of this present age?