Sunday Worship

February 7th, 2021


“Peace With God”

Luke 23:44-56

Rev. Tyler Dirks

Recorded Worship Service Audio – (37m:15s)

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2021-02-07 Worship Guide

Children’s Sermon Notes – Luke

Sermon Outline:

    1. The Staggering Price
    2. The Shift In Pressure
    3. Sabbath

Reflection Questions:

    1. When have you acutely perceived the staggering price of peace?
    2. What do you imagine the temple workers thought and felt when the temple curtain tore on the day Jesus was crucified?
    3. What do you imagine the centurion thought and felt when he heard Jesus promise paradise to the convicted criminal (wholly deserving of crucifixion) hanging next to him? What do you think the criminal’s family members felt when they noticed that God saved their relative’s executioner?
    4. When you fixate on the crucifixion of Jesus (see Hebrews 12:2) what impact does it have on you?
    5. What particular positive-pressure is God putting on you these days?
    6. How is God pressuring you to wholly embrace His promise in Isaiah 66:12-13?