Sunday Worship

July 11th, 2021


“Every Single Sheep”

Isaiah 40:25-31

Mr. Alberto Paredes


Sunday Worship Live Stream @ 9:30am 

    • The worship service live stream will begin approximately 5-10 minutes prior to 9:30am.
    • If you experience streaming issues, try refreshing your browser and restarting the player stream. This should fix most issues.
    • If you miss the live stream, it will eventually be loaded onto the main youtube channel: Past Recordings

2021-07-11 Worship Guide

Children’s Sermon Notes – Isaiah 40:25-31

Sermon Outline:

We Wait On Him For He Is Mighty [vs. 25-26]

We Wait On Him For He Is All Knowing [vs. 27-28a]

We Wait On Him For He Is Loving [28b-31]

Reflection Questions

1. What is a current situation in which you require godly strength from God?

2. What are things you tend to trust in for strength in need?

3. How would knowing God is both willing and able to strengthen you while in need be a game-changer in your life?