Sermon Text: 2 Samuel 12:1-15


  1. A Parable (vv.1-6)
  2. It’s Personal (vv.7-10)
  3. A Profound Price (vv.11-15)

Reflection Questions:

  1. What stories have had a surgical effect on you (i.e. they subdued you and gave you glimpse of what you really look like)?
  2. Do you have a vending machine view of forgiveness (i.e. you put in your penitence token and out pops an assurance of pardon)?
  3. How is the vending machine view of forgiveness different from the intensely and infinitely personal view of forgiveness revealed to us in Scripture?
  4. What’s your motivation for not sinning? (e.g. It makes you look good?  You’re afraid of getting caught?  OR …You hate the prospect of grieving the heart of the God who paid an infinite price to save you from damnation?).