Sermon Text: Hebrews 10:19-39


  1. Stir Up One Another (vv.19-25)
  2. Sinning Deliberately (vv.26-31)
  3. Hard Struggles With Suffering (vv.32-39)

Reflection Questions:

  1. What scares you about regularly gathering with, and actually relying on, other human beings? How will you venture out of your comfort zone this week and actually rely on, and relate to, the church?
  2. In his little book “Life Together” Dietrich Bonhoeffer says, “Nothing can be more cruel than the leniency which abandons others to their sin. Nothing can be more
    compassionate than the severe reprimand which calls another Christian in one’s
    community back from the path of sin.”
    Do you agree or disagree? Why, or why not?
  3. Read Romans 5:3-5. How have you personally experienced this in your life?