Sunday Worship

December 17th, 2023


“Where God Works”

Isaiah 11:1-9

Rev. Tyler Dirks


Sermon Audio


Sermon Outline:

  1. Watching & Waiting
  2. The Primary Pattern
  3. Perfection

Reflection Questions:

  1. As you imagine Joseph & Mary’s story, what stresses you out and scares you the most?
  2. If you were living in the days of 1st Samuel, do you honestly think you’d be ‘Team David’? …or would you be ‘Team Saul’? (be honest).
  3. Where do you most regularly & wholeheartedly invest your attention and energy throughout the week? Are you honestly aligned with the agenda of God as it is emphasized in the person and mission of Jesus of Nazareth?
  4. When have you ACTUALLY experienced the REALITY of God perfecting His power through weakness?
  5. Have you ever ACTUALLY experienced the peace that God talks about in The Bible? The peace that surpasses all understanding