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Sunday Worship

December 31st, 2023


“Who Are We? And What Do We Do?”

Colossians 1:1-2

Rev. Tyler Dirks


Sermon Audio


Sermon Outline:

  1. Perpetrators
  2. Possessed
  3. Part Of A Family
  4. Grace & Peace

Reflection Questions:

  1. Why is the Bible so rigorous and redundant about reminding us of our selfishness and sinfulness? If we have been redeemed by Christ (see 2 Cor. 5:21), and our chief identity is no longer “sinner” – why does the Bible nevertheless force us to reckon with our persisting sinfulness?
  2. How does the FACT that you are GOD’S FULLY PURCHASED & TREASURED POSSESSION define your life? And how does that fact decisively affect all your thoughts, feelings, actions, behaviors, and decisions?
  3. How have you experienced the necessity and vitality of being part of a family (or a body; or a team)? How have you weathered tensions and frustrations in your family, and yet you’ve persevered (and perhaps you’ve even discovered new pleasures through persevering)?
  4. What is the most important thing Jesus want us (the church) to do? (see Luke 10:20; John 6:28-29; 13:34-35; Acts 2:42).