Sermon Text: Psalm 33


  1. Our Calling
  2. God’s Character

Reflection Questions:

  1. John Calvin says, “Believers are called to a vehement and ardent affection in their praise of God. The psalmist would have us omit nothing which tends to animate the minds and feelings of men in singing God’s praises.” Do you ardently, and in the actualities of your life, agree?
  2. Is it your duty to worship God or is it your delight?
  3. You can either strive for control, or you can strive to stand in awe of God, but you cannot do both. Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not?
  4. When was a time your obsession with God drove you to take a risk?
  5. Psalm 33 says that God stares at those who fear Him and hope in His steadfast love. What real difference does that make in your life? How does God’s staring affection affect you?