Sermon Text: 1 Samuel 12:1-25


  1. Indictment (vv.1-13, 16-18)
    1. Credible Witnesses
    2. Stating the Case
    3. The Verdict
  2. Sentencing (vv.14-15, 19-25)
    1. Probation
    2. Penitence
    3. The Mediator’s Plea

Reflection Questions:

  1. In what ways are you living as if God is not judge and judgment is not coming?
  2. What are those one or two habitual sins in your life that you’re just not ready to let go of? Are you comfortable flirting with God’s wrath?
  3. What does repentance look like to you? Do you confess your sins every day? Do you hate them? Do you hate them so much that they disgust you? Does they scare you so much that you run from them?
  4. Does it disgust you to know that Jesus was punished (He died!) for your sins?
  5. What “battles” are you most determined to win? Politics? Family disputes? “Causes?” Do those battles have eternal significance?