Sermon Text: Revelation 14:1-13


  1. The Song of the Redeemed (vv.1-5)
  2. Savoring the Absolute Sovereignty of God (vv.6-11)
  3. Saturated in His Story (vv.12-13)

Reflection Questions:

  1. Do you sincerely sing the Song of the Redeemed? Read 1 Tim 1:15 and consider the fact that the redeemed are people like Paul – who had done things like murder people; and for a variety of other evils – truly considered himself an absolute wicked wretch (Romans 7:24) save for the redemption found in Christ alone. Can you honestly picture yourself singing alongside a man like that!?
  2. Looking at the world around you (full of all the various facets of creation) how can you – specifically – pay attention to, and harbor genuine affection for, what God has authored? What are ways you can regard creation in her particularities, wholeness, and potential?
  3. Read Revelation 14:10-11 …does this bother you? Why or why not?
  4. How can you – specifically & practically – become more absorbed in the Story of
    Jesus Christ? …Marinating in the story to such an extent that it becomes your identity, sense of worth, and liberation?