Sermon Text: 1 Timothy 2


  1. The Setting for the Savoring (vv.1-3; 8-11)
  2. The Savior We Savor (vv.4-7; 12-15)

Reflection Questions:

  1. What is God commanding you to SLOW DOWN and SAVOR these days? What – or who – do you need to pray for specifically in order to bring about favorable conditions for savoring?
  2. What kind of climate do you cultivate? (e.g. Do people feel like they’re “in your way” and “always disappointing you”? Are you demanding and easily agitated? Do people feel safe to be themselves around you? Etc.).
  3. How is God currently laying claim to your life in His comprehensive conquest of the whole of who you are? (e.g. If you’re a man, how is God commanding you to lead? If you’re a woman, how is God commanding you to follow?).