Sunday Worship

December 13th, 2020



Luke 21:25-38

Rev. Tyler Dirks


Recorded Worship Service Audio – (31m:01s)

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2020-12-13 Worship Guide

Children’s Sermon Notes – Luke

Sermon Outline:

    1. Anomaly
    2. Attention

Reflection Questions:

    1. Are you okay with feeling small? Can you embrace the tension of not “having things figured out” and “under control”? Can you actually embrace Prov. 3:5?
    2. Put yourself in Joseph and/or Mary’s position? What would’ve driven you crazy about those precarious situations God put you in?
    3. How do you feel about Jesus’ commanding you to stand up and lift your head high at His second coming?
    4. What dissipation do you regularly indulge in?
    5. What version of meekness, and what specific supernatural hopes, do you need to embrace and operate with these days?