Sunday Worship

March 24th, 2024


“Christ Is All In All”

Colossians 3: 5-11

Rev. Tyler Dirks


Sermon Audio


Sermon Outline:

  1. How Not To Interpret and Apply This Passage
  2. Healthy For The Whole World
  3. He Is All In All

Reflection Questions:

  1. How have you put putty and paint on the rotten wood issues in your life? In other words, what superficial and/or simplistic strategies have you employed in your “fight” against selfishness, greed, and unhealthy indulgence?
  2. How have you dismissed, or given up on, the fight against your flesh? Why have you decided not to fight?
  3. How have you (specifically) experienced the anguish of Romans 7:18-19?
  4. How have you experienced the freedom of being able to admit what Paul’s publicly sharing about himself in Romans 7:18-19?
  5. Read Romans 8. Read Romans 8 again. Read Romans 8 a 3rd time. After personally and repeatedly immersing yourself in the stunning realities of this chapter of Scripture… how are you now ready to joyfully wage war against your deceitful flesh?