Sermon Text: Deuteronomy 24


  1. Core Compassion (vv.1-5)
  2. Community Compassion (vv.6-22)
  3. Christ’s Compassion

Reflection Questions:

  1. The Bible says that love is patient and kind; it is not rude, it doesn’t insist on its own way, it’s not irritable or resentful, and it endures all things. With this in mind, who (specifically) do you need to apologize to this week? …Who do you need to love better this week?
  2. In what way (specifically) will you promise to participate in the fight against human trafficking in the month of July?
  3. How (specifically) will you choose to be less critical and controlling, and instead be considerate and compassionate?
  4. How (specifically) will you make sure that immigrants, the husbandless, and the fatherless have the resources and dignity that God demands you give them?
  5. How much compassion has Jesus shown you? (literally make a list of all the examples you can think of).