Sunday Worship

July 12th, 2020


“Cost? Benefit?”

Luke 14: 25-35

Rev. Tyler Dirks


Recorded Worship Service Audio – (01h:00m:52s)

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Children’s Sermon Notes – Luke


Sermon Outline:

    1. everything

Reflection Questions:

    1. Name 3 times in your life when you really/truly felt deeply unsettled by Christ’s LORDSHIP over you?
    2. What’s a clear example of when you trusted in the LORD with all your heart instead of leaning on your own understanding?
    3. When was a time you realized that you were actually completely incapable of loving your parents, spouse, siblings, children, or friends UNLESS Jesus dominated and defined your life? (see John 15:5).
    4. When was a time you experienced the true liberty, richness, security, and rest found in Christ alone?