Sermon Text: Deuteronomy 12


  1. Prone to Wander
  2. Raised to a New Life
  3. Respond with Praise

Reflection Questions:

  1. How have you been ensnared by the temptations of the world?
  2. To what are you truly devoted? Consider all the good things and bad things. Where does the Lord rank in terms of your devotion?
  3. In what ways are you overly self-reliant? What is an area of your life where you
    could admit your foolish independence and ask for help?
  4. Use your imagination and, based on what you know from Scripture, ponder what it
    will be like when Jesus returns to dwell with his people and make all things new in
    the New Heavens & New Earth.
  5. What “sacrifice of praise” will you offer to the Lord today, and every day?