Sermon Text: Mark 14:1-31


  1. Jesus Must Die
  2. Manifest Depravity
  3. The Master Plan

Reflection Questions:

  1. Where/when does Jesus force you to reckon with your frailty and flaws?  How do you feel toward Jesus when He makes you feel your need of Him?
  2. Read Mark 14:8-9 and 14:29.  What can YOU do for Jesus?
  3. When you consider your relationship with Jesus, do you see yourself as a contributing saint, or a contrite sinner?  Why?
  4. What are two areas of arrogance in your life?  How does this arrogance lead to ignorance about the severity of your need for a crucified Savior?
  5. Read Isaiah 30:15 and write down 5 examples of how you resist or reject God’s invitation to return to, and rest in, Him (and His work on your behalf) alone.