Sermon Text: 1 Samuel 18:1-30


  1. Afraid of the King
  2. Affection for the King

Reflection Questions:

  1. When was a time you felt inescapably small?
  2. Come up with 3 examples of allergic reactions to feeling small (e.g. the guy who has clearly lost at something, and yet he’s still “trying to win” via making excuses or disparaging remarks, abruptly forfeiting, etc.).
  3. What are two ways in which you have grown accustomed to living as if you were the owner and master of your own life?
  4. How do you combat those things (or people) that threaten to undermine the illusion of your own sovereignty?  How do you oppose those things (or people) that might force you to face the reality that you’re actually small?
  5. Have you encountered the real Jesus (the Jesus revealed in the Bible)?  Have you experienced the eclipsing effect of Christ on/in your life?  Are you increasingly infatuated with Jesus? …What are 3 highlights of your savory surrender to Jesus Christ?