Sermon Text: Micah 3:1-12


  1. A Repulsive Problem (vv.1-4)
  2. A Prophet Problem (vv.5-7)
  3. A Powerful Pity (vv.8-12)

Reflection Question:

  1. Do you regularly read God’s letter to us? What do you do when you come to the portions of the letter that say repulsive things like, “you hate good and love evil, you tear the flesh from off my people, and chop them up like meat in a pot”?
  2. What are examples from your life of how you devour people?
  3. King Saul epitomizes Mic.3:5 …I plead with you to read the accounts of Saul’s style [1 Sam.10-31], and thoroughly contemplate how your life looks similar to Saul’s.
  4. Have you ever experienced the powerful pity of God – where He honestly (and painfully) diagnoses your problems, and causes you to cherish your pardon in Christ alone?