Sermon Text: Micah 4:1-13


  1. Radical (vv.1, 6-8)
  2. Royal (vv.2-5)
  3. Requires Perseverance & Patience (vv.9-13)

Reflection Questions:

  1. Do you insist that God’s ways of doing things make sense to you? How’s that going?
  2. In Isaiah 24:23 why do you think the sun feels ashamed (certainly the sun is not feeling a sinful version of shame or embarrassment)? Do you think that there is such a thing as holy (or sanctified) embarrassment?
  3. Heading into time with your extended biological family this season – how might you begin beating your swords into plowshares (i.e. how might you decide NOT to be so defensive and cautious around people)?
  4. Who do you know who sets the best example of perseverance and patience? Will you text or email that person now and schedule a time to meet them for coffee to talk about how they do it?