Sermon Text: 1 Samuel 29-30


  1. Man’s Plans & God’s Providence (29)
  2. Pain & the Power of God (30:1-8)
  3. Performance & Presents (30:9-31)

Reflection Questions:

  1. Write down a memory of a time when God’s providence eclipsed your plans [i.e. a personal example from your own life of Proverbs 16:9] (the medium is up to you… use paper or pen, or a typewriter, or a word processor, etcetera).
  2. Write about (one page minimum, single-spaced) a moment in your life when God used the means of pain to bring you to the end of yourself and show you what real power (i.e. His power) looks like.
  3. Who is the greatest, most powerful, person you know of? …how would you go about
    getting him, or her, to share what they’ve earned with you?