Sunday Worship

November 29nd, 2020


“Suffering Redeemed”

Luke 21:10-19

Brandon Hawkes


**Important announcement** Since the service is outdoors today, there is a high probability we will experience issues with the live stream today due to Internet signal strength. We apologize if this occurs, however, the audio portion of the sermon today will be posted later today (Sunday) as it is each week. Check back later for this audio recording or subscribe to the podcast. **

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2020-11-29 Worship Guide

Children’s Sermon Notes – Luke


Sermon Outline:

1. Christ warns us that we will suffer
2. Christ gives purpose to our suffering
3. Christ sustains us through suffering

Reflection Questions:

1. What is your attitude towards suffering?
2. What would it look like to see suffering as an opportunity?
3. When is a time you suffered because you did the right thing? How did God sustain you through that trial?
4. Is there a burden that you know you need to bear, but you have been running from it? What would it look like to suffer well here?
5. How does the hope of true life in heaven change the way you see suffering?