Sermon Text: 1 Samuel 5:1-7:17


  1. Small — God Is Captured
  2. Scared — God Is a Consuming Fire
  3. Submit — God Is Covenantal

Reflection Questions:

1) Are you okay with God employing you in His Service of “Smallness” & “Silliness” (i.e. foolishness [see 1 Cor. 1:18-31])?  Are you cool with God giving you Christ-like assignments of Servitude and Sacrifice?  …Or are you “above that kind of servitude” and/or “too dignified and serious to look so silly and small?”

2) How (when) are you tempted to “send God away” because He disrupts your sense of sovereignty, and He refuses to be tamed?  What is an example of a time when the reality and/or presence of God caused you to tremble (i.e. revere Him as awesome and holy)?

3) What are 2 ways you could stop taking yourself so seriously?

4) What idols do you need to rid your life of?  Do you actually hate your sin (i.e. your idolatry) to such an extent that you find yourself desperately crying out to God for deliverance?

5) Remember 10 ways God has been present with you and provided for you.  Write those memories on 10 rocks and pile them in a place where you will regularly see them.