Sunday Worship

June 4th, 2023


“The Bramble”

Judges 9:1-21

Rev. Tyler Dirks



Sermon Outline:

  1. A Promised Son
  2. A Provocative Parable
  3. Preasure to Reflect

Reflection Questions:

  1. In what ways do you feel entitled? Or in what ways do you feel like you’ve been promised things that fuel your greed
  2. How have you fallen prey to simplistic arguments (e.g. “bigger is better!”)? How have you fallen prey to the tyranny of simply siding with ‘what’s familiar’
  3. When was a time you decided to tell someone the truth, knowing that they would not like it?
  4. Have you ever been angry with someone for telling you the truth?
  5. When was a time you were seeking validation for your grievance, or your agenda; and you were only able to find ‘bramble validation?’6. Have you ever encountered a person who insisted on having everything on their terms, and they would not even tolerate moderate pushback or basic questions about their agenda? …Have you ever been that person?