Sunday Worship

February 11th, 2024


“The Joyful Struggle”

Colossians 2:1-5

Rev. Tyler Dirks


Sermon Audio


Sermon Outline:

  1. A Great Struggle
  2. Spread The Love
  3. Hold Firm

Reflection Questions:

  1. Why do YOU want people do know how much you’ve struggled and suffered? Why does PAUL want people to know how much he’s struggled and suffered?
  2. What’s something you really love and enjoy? …Is hard work and struggle involved?
  3. How have you proselytized for the thing that you especially enjoy and love?
  4. How have you allowed yourself to be defined by what you’re afraid of? Why is it so much better to be defined by a JOYFUL struggle?
  5. What plausible arguments delude you and dispose you to stop living by faith?