Sermon Text: Revelation 16:1-21


  1. Judgment (vv.1-7)
  2. Refusal to Repent (vv.8-11)
  3. A Kingdom Shaken (vv.12-21)

Reflection Questions:

  1. What are your thoughts about God’s wrath? Is this a topic you avoid thinking about?
  2. Do you eagerly anticipate the Day of the Lord, upon which Jesus will return to judge the world? Do you agree with John in Rev 22:20 when he says “Come Lord Jesus”?
  3. With what sin(s) are you having trouble or refusing to repent right now? Is your habit of repentance something short of the biblical model of repentance?
  4. How have you invested in things that will burn up in the Refiner’s Fire? What changes must you make in your life to invest in things that’ll last forever?