Sermon Text: Luke 9: 37-45

Sermon Outline: 

  1. Dream Big
  2. Die To Self
  3. Embrace What He Says

Reflection Questions:

  1. Are you afraid to get your hopes up? How is God pulling you into His big, hope-filled, plans despite your reluctance?
  2. What’s one big thing you simply need to ask God for? Saying to God, “Just give the command, and I trust that Your will, will be done.”
  3. How is your pride hindering your prayers these days?
  4. What’s one way you can consistently cultivate heavenly-mindedness this year? How will this especially help you get your mind off yourself?
  5. What words need to sink into your ears this week? After church today, take 10 minutes to simply be still and search the Scriptures and see what God says.