Sermon Text: Micah 6:1-16


  1. Passionate & Profoundly Loving God (vv.1-5)
  2. Posture of a Sinner (vv.6-8)
  3. Eternally Preoccupied with God (vv.9-16)

Reflection Questions:

  1. In Micah 6 when God says “O My people!” what emotion do you hear in God’s words? With what feeling and inflection do you hear God uttering these pleadings? …What does that tell you about how God feels about you?
  2. Read Numbers 22-24 and then ask yourself, “Who is like God?”
  3. Do you insist on earning God’s love? Do you insist on earning love from others? What would it look like for you to ‘risk’ receiving love free of charge?
  4. How do you feel about being eternally preoccupied (obsessed, engrossed, etc.) with God? What are some particular things that mesmerize you about God currently?