Sermon Text: Psalm 46


  1. Secure (vv.1-3)
  2. Enlivening (vv.4-7)
  3. Awe (vv.8-11)

Reflection Questions:

  1. How do you feel about God’s never-ceasing nearness? Does it make you nervous? Does it frustrate you? It is comforting (why or why not)?
  2. What would you do if the most manifestly reliable, constant, fixed point in your life went away?
  3. After considering HOW God helps His disciples (e.g. by signing them up to be sifted by Satan and committing to “merely” pray for them; or by sending them into the world like sheep amongst wolves; etc.) what are your thoughts and feelings about God’s Help?
  4. What is the most memorable ‘Be still and KNOW that I am God’ moment of your life?