Sunday Worship

December 19th, 2021


“The History Behind the Holiday”

Esther 9:1-19

Rev. Tyler Dirks

2021-12-19 Worship Guide

Children’s Sermon Notes

Sermon Outline:

1. Enemies of God
2. Instruments of Holy War
3. A Holiday

Reflection Questions

1. How have you allowed Christmas to become too tame? As you force yourself to rigorously remember the history behind the holiday, what specific scenarios of the conception, birth, and early years of Jesus’ life rattle you?
2. According to God, what is the most emphatic and important truth about sinners?
3. What accusations are you harboring toward people?
4. What affections are you currently developing for people?
5. Imaginatively inhabit the final scene of Jonah, and consider how you oppose God’s decision to have mercy on sinners.
6. Does God’s Holy War bother you? Why or why not? How might you become a more robust celebrant of God’s war against people who refuse to love the truth?