Sermon Text: 2 Samuel 17:1-29


  1. Conflicting Ideas
  2. God’s Intervention

Reflection Questions

  1. What wicked counsel are you telling yourself or others? To what wicked counsel are you listening? Specifically, how are you trying to justify your sin to make it sound more palatable (so that you may continue in it)?

    How shakable is your faith? What would it take to cause you to give it up? Extreme persecution? Significant hardship in your life? “Evidence” for evolution?

  3. What is your confidence level in God’s Word? Do you “rest” in His promises? Which of His promises are most significant/tangible to you? If you can’t think of any of His specific promises, start looking in Scripture for instances where God says “I will…”

    When is the last time you thought about Heaven? Do you look forward to it, eagerly anticipating it? Maybe you should think about it more. Allow yourself to imagine it.